Shandong SEO team where are you going from here

a day before, I went to Century Towers and talked to Bai Bing, a brother from the SEO team in Shandong. A day later, Bai Bing asked me, "what’s the good idea about the Internet?" I didn’t answer directly. I thought about it seriously.

in fact, as SEO, many people would say that through SEO technology to improve enterprise search rankings, of course, this profit is the way many SEO have tried in the early way. A single keyword is a very simple enterprise station ranking to ZhengZhan optimization SEM technology, through the "SEO era of wealth", the 2008 is Chinese webmaster in winter, this winter, so will bring many benefits to SEO? The answer is sincere, is a bit difficult, the market is saturated by maturity. A short period of time, you can also earn a little, but always not in the long run, this is the SEO and Baidu for search engine rival, this road will only in the future more and more SEO master, the road gets narrower.

through SEO technology to do business, is to improve the enterprise keyword search, improve marketing efficiency, so in this case there are more and more people begin to do very simple optimization to make a separate product service station, through the network order to improve their trading line. This mode is more and more technology program is not very good, and find a CMS station, slightly SEO technology owners use, I personally do not oppose this development, but this development has great limitations, acceptable quality and customer service service products is not a product of the layman webmaster, then many people have a CMS station, slightly understand SEO, stately and went to a company to engage in e-commerce. In this case, the webmaster will survive, but only a child, in the baby’s parents to share a sweet candy.

later, through the accord – Qilu SEO webmaster introduction, I heard that the Shandong SEO team to engage in SEO training, because he was in school, and did not participate. Many webmaster only slightly in SEO technology have had certain benefits, such as website ranking and Baidu, but on the whole did not form a system, by virtue of their establishment of community and the concept of SEO, the total can also earn a small advertising alliance. But it is not a permanent solution, if you try, you can build a oblog station, I promise not three months, thousands of articles indexed by Baidu will be able to, you can earn some Wangzhuan, but when carefully taste the website, a dumpster concept will let you do stand more and more have a headache. So the clear direction of the idea of the station, it is necessary to study the system of SEO, from the optimization to optimize the website, make a meaningful and valuable, just like life, there are many common people to remember his face, but some people can also let people stay the mind, they may not have as big, but in your ability to do some meaningful things for others, naturally by these people in mind. Do stand >

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