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with the Internet and mobile Internet applications and the depth of penetration, we have entered the era of connectivity. There are two main features of the age of connectivity:

· all humanity online:

intoxicated passenger commune founder Wang Wei teacher put forward a concept called "instant online mankind, fits the description of the current world. This argument is also a few years ago stir " " global village; and further extend the concept of practice.

because of the Internet, the times we live in are indeed different. It will be different from any other era of agricultural civilization, industrial civilization, and commercial civilization. The human business model and lifestyle will also be accelerated and changed in the age of connectivity.

·: the age of tagging:

the Internet allows information to be propagated by acceleration. The patency of information makes people an independent individual and becomes the node of the Internet link. In this case, the human attribute will be gradually tagged. No matter what you buy, what you use, what you write, what you see may change into your label and enrich your network individual existence. Future information will be transferred between labels and labels.

times have changed, and a lot of things have to change, including the grasp of requirements and product design ideas. Here is a brief discussion of how to plan and design requirements and products in the era of connectivity.

What is the

requirement and where does it come from?

it’s clear to everyone that demand is from the user’s needs. Who is the user? Many times, we don’t know. We often mistakenly think that the user is subjective, love yourself, according to their own team or a few people think, behind closed doors. That design is perfect, in fact, from the real needs of users may close a lot.

is represented by users, by YY’s needs:

is user centered, not an empty talk. Users are represented after the demand, in fact, is no real demand. This is a fundamental point that must be taken care of before product design. Understanding the real and effective requirements is the first step in product design. If the first step is wrong, then there is no point in the correctness of the second or third steps.

has a piece about Lei Jun, just for entertainment.

"Lei Jun wanted to occupy the living room, he ignored his fans, most of all there is no hall."……"

Where is the

requirement and where is the product?

video site Netflix produced the American drama < card house > very hot. This is not accidental, entirely intended for it.

‘s play is adapted from the 1991 Broadcasting British Corporation BBC Premiere of the same drama

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