Teach you a trick home page layout optimization techniques

this article only suitable for people who do not understand SEO learning, master passing!


HTML page title is the first line of clickable text in most search engine results. Page title is very important in search engine ranking algorithms, so it’s also the most important thing in the SEO process.

1. should be brief,

most search engines display only about 60 characters in the list of search results. Therefore, in order to make the message as clear as possible, you should put the important keywords at the beginning of the title, and make sure that the first 60 characters of the title can express a complete meaning.

2. contains the keyword


HTML page title is a very important factor in the ranking algorithm, so you must include the target keyword. But because the space is limited, you should concentrate on two or three keywords.

3. contains the company name

actually, optimizing my personal feelings is the essence of experience! There is no specific reasonable explanation!

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