New year’s day how to plan the annual meeting more meaningful

has another annual meeting, and every new year, there will be piles of annual meetings to plan and open. But can it really be wine and dine, Dadanaonao? No! As a new year since the age of the Internet, we all need to take our activities under the line combined with our online activities, let this year in laugh process are still able to bring benefits for the company.


first and annual meetings need to be combined with new product launches,

new year is coming, what ordinary people tired is a year when new year’s most wanted? Is surprise! Our products are the same, can also be in the user needs some work, through the annual meeting of the US this lively launch some explosive products. Maybe some people will say, annual meeting for internal staff, products are for external users, so how to open? In fact, here we are caught in a misunderstanding in May to the outside, can also be together in front of inside and outside. A product, its users may also be our internal staff. The meeting site, through the internal staff and external users of communication, I think the product may be able to gain more user needs and good idea.

second, during the warm-up, try to get your users to focus on your product service itself,

we say that the premise of our product design must be to meet some of the user’s needs. That is to say, our product is to provide some kind of customer service. Before the product line, the user’s service needs must exist. At this point, we need to focus our attention on the service itself. Through a number of awards activities, prompting users to this service has an in-depth thinking. At the same time, we can also get the real needs of the users in the awards activities, so that we can think about the products themselves.

third, we need to put any reward activities around the product itself,

we say planning activities are definitely budget based. Then, if the Internet era only blindly send cash, then it will appear unusual low. The basic purpose of our activities is to allow users to use our products, improve product downloads, improve product activity and so on. Then we can send some user rewards directly to the APP in the hands of the user, and guide the user to use APP. Users run a new process on APP, and our activity is half done.

annual meeting is a good activity. New Year’s Day is a good time, so we need to make good use of it.

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