The station was dropped by K

is the station,, a novel station. Today to find friendship connection when found, has been K off. Experience is like this.

, this station is on ADSL. I start it 1 times in 7 days. 15 began to do the station, the new do well after, because the environment is stable, 3 days later was included. I saw Baidu on April 30th, and it was shown on April 18th, so it was included 3 days later.

then the next log, I found several connections and updated the website every day. 3 things happened during those days that led to being K.

1 was the title for my change in PHP, which was changed 2 times in 3 days because of incorrect operation. It was estimated by the engine several hours each time. Then I changed it, and finally moved the title.

2 is from 6 to 10 in the evening, we have this area of the line problems, Ping packages are out of a few, 1, this way. Until today. Speed card and unstable.

3 is due to telecom debugging the network here, resulting in dial-up less than a few hours on the break. I’m going to explain the domain name again. That is, 3 days to change the X IP.

my summary of experience is:

1 site is ready, do not always move the title. That is, you do a good station, and then sent to the internet. A spider’s first impressions are important.

2 space must be stable.

even so, to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect Baidu to K me so soon. Because in May 1st to 6, every day the number of site included in the increase, only 3 days less than, I was K off. Halo. Write it out, everybody.

says Baidu is slow, and his Y K is coming, but it’s fast. Finally it up a Y rod cone, is you


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