Please post the source address

wrote an article about the website optimization experience the day before yesterday, sharing the article, today in the Google search under the title, found that the article was reprinted a lot of places. But most sites do not indicate the source address. Delete this piece of copyright.

how to protect their original article, this is a headache. Their own things, so by others on his website, the name of the "original" now! For the network, the copyright issue is really a headache, maintenance is very troublesome. For example, like me ordinary webmaster, not for an experience share article, go to other people lawsuit, delay time without tasting,

!But the

through their own personal feelings, then write in, mark under copyright, such as "welcome to reprint, please indicate the source address and so on, many of these things you should consciously, like system, why is divided into legal and moral, law is not perfect the seamless drill. A lot of natural place to be used to make up for the moral. Similarly, as the webmaster of us, in the hair of the article, please indicate the source address, this is moral.

above by webmaster, please reprint, reprint, please indicate the source address.

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