Talking about the pros and cons of programmer’s home work from the change of YAHOO


When the

started to pay attention to the remote home office information is made after Meijer served as YAHOO’s new CEO is no longer allowed in the home office, when all employees work together to build a new corporate culture. Though the remote office will only have a preliminary understanding, know the many IT practitioners dream of the Holy Land: Silicon Valley still has a lot of well-known unknown companies have such a management system, but also just feel it sounds this office is good, not the normal and programmers the normal operation of the company and work together, so I hope that through this article for the pros and cons of programmers in the home office.

on the contents of most programmers, the work efficiency is mainly affected by the programmer’s own ability, the theory of the largest external influence — although the venue to a certain extent can mobilize the enthusiasm of the work of programmers, so the work efficiency and further increase, but compared to their words programmer it seems that it really is not a grade. A desk, a comfortable chair, sat up a best can be connected to the Internet computer, three objects can make like a cockroach can work normally, this is natural for programmers can help the company to save a lot of money into other places, with something in this way, as if the remote online office is more feasible.

and each industry practitioners have their own characteristics, the programmer in the IT industry is a special group of science and technology, love of freedom, fever, advocating technology, direct, free travel, short talk while wearing a headset to head on the chair problem, one foot up will not stop shaking, suddenly thought of a breakthrough, shaking feet as time will immediately stop short static. Although the true state of these characters and some programmers has some free working life, but it is the majority of programmers and programmers or other similar nature of the work of the staff look forward to long-term, undoubtedly, this dream can be handed over to the remote online office to complete.

‘s team gave each member of the mission, members dislike lack of inspiration during the day time is full of more sleep, when the dead of night thinking together work in full confidence, don’t worry about tomorrow at 8 if you can get up to more quickly with a piece of bread to catch the company. Even if the normal working time or after work as usual, saves the time, sleep, rest, nutrition, learning, family matters, tens of minutes though not much, but the concept of time is money very clear IT programmers practitioners from the heart is very important, so it is. After the home office system, the programmer work efficiency will be improved with the person’s mood.

so, as a whole, programmers work at home mainly to help companies reduce >

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