Webmaster do a station experience communication is the key


a mobile phone video download station of small webmaster, already a year, this is the middle of sweet and bitter, but we still insist on coming, go now is careless, here I do stand experience.


in May of the 08 year, I quit my job and do poineering work together with friends, it was just a feeling that the future development of mobile phone video quickly will be very good, but now everyone has a mobile phone, mobile phone is a communication product for everyone, he can better help you always communication, but also the future of mobile phone will better, I believe that the future development of mobile phone video quickly will be very good, so we bought a server in the investment and managed money, about ten thousand investment quick about it, we just set up along the way.

a big turnaround, it is also a very coincidence, but also a fate, I know a very large help to our webmaster. In our entrepreneurial team, there is a very personal love listening to storytelling, noon meal every time we have to listen to a paragraph to rest, there is a chance I would like to, you can find the storytelling network to do a Links ah, it can take us along the way. The bottom of the site, in the storytelling saw the head of the QQ, and he was, coincidentally he unexpectedly and we are in the same city, so we put him into the studio to chat with us, Links naturally added, this is our very happy. Suddenly one day he called us that he needs to maintain the site, to see if we could help him, give us 1000 fastest monthly maintenance fee, we are just starting a small team, funds are not many, so of course we are very glad to. So we have a monthly fixed income in the middle, we also learned a lot of knowledge and experience to do, so I am very grateful to the storytelling network, since the development of station daily traffic in about 5000, can barely support, so I hope to know more Adsense exchange.

I do stand 1 years of experience, the webmaster do more to communicate, how to communicate, not necessarily what time a turnaround, the technology is a bottomless pit never when the highest, but no technology is not enough, I personally feel that technology is the key to understand the operation.

my station: small online www.tv5e.com mobile phone movie downloads, a mobile phone can be a friend to love the movie I go to download.

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