Read the stationmaster says am very busy please do not bother me feeling

read today, "the stationmaster says:" I am very busy, please do not bother me ", the heart feels very big. I am also a hobby of doing web site people. Summed up a lot of people’s common problem.

extracts from the text several points, published experience.

1, the owners have launched new sites.

this era, because the Internet is in our university generally appeared after the rapid development of, with some magic and expectations, we have a special liking for the network. From Crazy copy, IDC sharing of cheap resources, to crazy collection, many webmaster in order to improve the flow, earn poor advertising fees, they do one after another of the new web site.

A bunch of

websites, has SEO gone yet? No?. Do you have a clear theme? Everything seems to be there. It’s all about beauty and fiction. Will you write your own system program? No, but the program has been updated again and again. How about the traffic? A website is about a dozen IP a day. For various reasons, they set up a website with a lot of experience left behind.

2, China’s stationmaster is the most pitiful, pays most, obtains actually at least.

sure, what’s the ad alliance in the country? What’s the "pay per click" effect?. Everywhere is the information is the era, the net worker’s income is the social worker’s income several percent ah!


3, many webmaster in to your month, or even months before they get the check, secretly complain, the domestic price is so low.

is there anything to complain about? Do you understand the nature and credit of the alliance? Can you compare input to output? Isn’t there anything more worth creating?


never understood that he was in the lower reaches of the ads industry chain and had only the opportunity to eat jaw food.

4, busy, okay, don’t bother me,

says people who are busy are always in a hurry,

5, often webmaster find a keyword has a IP search, they will do a page for this IP.

often take participle as a keyword, but never understand the industry.

6, maybe after a long time, Jielun is no longer in vogue; maybe after a long time, SEO is no longer valid, but there is one point: the webmaster will always be there. Maybe after 20 years, they still use the search engine to bring you flow, then SEO may be called UCD, also may be called other names, but it is still not changed: role for Adsense revenue, let the money flow into.

maybe they will be poor all their life, toil, tired and willing to be parasites of the ads alliance. They are tired, short-lived, ashes of life!

2080, is 80 after the webmaster birthday 100th anniversary.

, they’re all dead

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