The webmaster should consider the problem from the user’s point of view

wrote the first experience, think of your website in this way also took 6-7 years, the University of the first grade began for the college website, what all don’t understand at that time, began to learn from FRONTPAGE, think DREAMWEAVER is advanced at that time, the most exciting is to use FLASH to do things, feeling really pretty magic.

later said there are some things of shame, during the university has been Dadanaonao, many sites do, but basically all died, but said the third had a college student in Beijing second-hand goods trading platform, each university is still quite good, the toilet is advertised, and I think that with my girlfriend advertised the day my girlfriend always feel like a nut…

now, can be regarded as a small beginning, like many webmaster, learning SEO learning log, learning characteristics of Baidu spider, admire what in the group at several W flow of the heroes, they occasionally give their some inspiration that benefited me. Suddenly want to talk about their own so many years of feeling, because always look at everyone in the ADMIN5 experience, I think we should share with you, if you think there is no use, stinky eggs also accepted ah.

1, the contents of the first: I think this needless to say, the website is doing for others, our webmaster themselves, to 51LA, to ADMIN5, this is because they have real content, we can get inspiration to our knowledge, not to mention the original – Bo the article, always attracted tens of hundreds of recovery; therefore, it is the root of the web site, at the beginning, you can learn slowly acquisition, you should learn to modify, or even the original, because copying something in the search engine eyes, you are always in the back row of the


2, don’t do it yourself: This is for search engines, or for users. When your website keyword list too much, a search engine that cater to the tendency, you are in danger, danger may not be K, but you are the purpose of the site has changed, many people began to do the most want to do a station to show their stuff, then look to other people’s site good learning, took the time to think people have beautiful flow, also trying to make SEO, SEO found that people can make money, oneself also hanging advertising, found people earning several thousand… At this time, many people find themselves unfit for the webmaster this road, because their small station, it may have been reduced to tens of millions of small particles of sand in the network… So, again, don’t use small intelligence to do such a rigorous job,

3, do absolutely from the user’s point of view: This is my all together and keenly aware of, I think, I want to see this article here, are certainly very caring friends, then perhaps we are the same, we are beginning to learn from the Internet, feel.

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