Diamond bird Xu Xiao Network on Diamond life

Xu Xiao, who was born in Xinjiang Shanghai girl, the name "birds", her business is the diamond business, so her company named "Diamond bird", creating a network of sales of luxury goods.

opposite Xu Xiaoyi all dressed in white, neat short hair, medium speed, two seconds after hearing the question the habit of thinking, the answer has revealed a concise and to the point of her confidence and ability. Right index finger character and silver finger classic diamond ring, a representative of her preferences, another representative of her career, with the development of network economy to grow up a new generation of women entrepreneurs, creating a network of sales of luxury goods. She is Xu Xiao, a Xinjiang born Shanghai girl, called "bird". She runs a diamond business, so her company is called "Diamond bird"".


sweet taste

weak economy in the winter of 2008 to cover a layer of haze, but in many of the world’s hundred years old are crumbling in the storm time, a bird was strong and involves a swing into a mass. In October 2008, following the first phase of capital financing in June 2007, the diamond bird successfully won the second phase of financing from today’s capital and LIAN sources up to $one hundred million. Diamond bird’s contrarian financing has brought warmth to the cold winter, and laid a solid foundation for the further expansion of the diamond bird. "How well do you know how lucky you are?" Xu Xiao recalls today’s president of the capital, Xu Xin. "Of course, there must be good strength behind the luck.". Xu Xiao has always been a role in nurturing potential markets and changing people’s traditional spending habits.

as early as 2002, when the Internet economy started, Xu Xiaocheng for the first wave of part-time online shop owner, do silver business, do what you like, energy will be quite abundant. At that time, Xu Xiao every day during the day, go home at night to take care of the online store, and even stay up until three or four in the morning, the second day still 9 points on time. Hard and happy day let Xu Xiao first network melony, monthly sales reached 50 thousand yuan, a time to become the star of eBay shop.

"my success is inseparable from my family support."." Xu Xiao said, "at that time, father often ride a bike, no matter the wind and rain to help her delivery, and her real career turning point is also from brother Xu Lei’s professional and resources.". The sale of such expensive and have a lot of technical indicators of the goods on the Internet, Xu Xiao chose a people dare to try the way. At first, the diamond bird’s business is not easy, and each customer from the introduction of the basic knowledge of diamonds, communication countless times, it is possible to make a single, after all, the transaction is expensive diamonds. Xu Xiao believes that changes in shopping habits are not possible in a short period of time. If you want to change your sales situation immediately, you should conduct reasonable guidance on the basis of existing habits. Thus, "Diamond experience shop" this new concept came into being.

"experience shop"

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