How to improve the sales performance of Deli

no businesses do not want their shop business is booming, the product is sold in short supply, but the market competition is so fierce, so as to improve the deli sales performance, become a common pursuit of business, how to improve?


Market Research

through continuous market research, find out the gap between themselves and the other Deli, as far as possible to shorten the gap, according to the sales of each commodity, and constantly adjust the product structure, so as to form the main product, should change the current customers to buy what we burn what the unfavorable situation, and should be determined according to the way we do business the needs of customers.


, change the existing mode of sales

1, initiative, nod, smile service.

2, recommended products: for old customers we generally do not need to do so, unless there is a new product, but for shilly-shally customers or new customers, we should according to the age characteristics of different priority, what food is suitable for them. For example, for older customers we can recommend to the brine a little soft or rotten point of those, and for the young consumer groups, we should recommend to the spicy pickle series, series of products or products at a higher price.

3, in the sale of services: food is a special commodity, people buy food for is in the most efficient and convenient way to eat the most delicious food, so food sold is not that simple packaging, sales are often also according to customer needs, cut, cut, but also according to the individual put a little taste of soup, mashed garlic, chili oil, coriander and other accessories.

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