Baidu banned the site feeling admit are collecting blame

in Baidu yesterday to seal off the station, turn off the computer bug early on the night. Baidu’s last big change, change the algorithm, in fact, is a new era of the internet.

what prompted Baidu to change its algorithm? What was it that contributed to the Internet’s progress?

this problem is very simple, as long as the heart of the station will be found to be caused by the emergence of acquisition acquisition program,! Let the Internet become simple, a large amount of information the Internet is full of copy, Baidu to deal with the Internet such as changing the algorithm, which is the Internet a quiet. This new Internet era, can be used to briefly summarized as: originality, service, professional.

original need not explain, understand SEO all know, this thing is very important, can be said to be the most important. Service and profession, I would like to explain here. When you set up the website, did you think why you did this station? What’s the location of this station? How much is the market for your service?

Now look at your

Webmaster Station, ask yourself how many people need this service, why do we need this service, now the network has begun to change reality, as you open a small window, or a company, an enterprise. how many people do you serve?. How many people are convenient for you?. If you do not provide any service, it does not bring convenience to anyone.

Baidu will think you are a madman, for you delisting on the network, I think Baidu’s expulsion from some of the ruthless. That is crazy as a man, even if he did not provide any service, it is not necessary to completely kill him, that the prisoner is a human, even if he is in harm to the society, but also to see the harm of weight to decide whether or not he was sentenced to death, Mo Fei K of the webmaster is violated Baidu’s death after reading this article? The suggestion is to look at your friend on the Internet, to a clean world, you didn’t steal me to steal him, this very offensive style.


in the maintenance of order in the Internet, another example: make a website like opened a shop, or running a company, shop or company’s products or services is simply that is a failure, No one shows any interest in, such companies will go bankrupt sooner or later, we stop the same. But if shop that sold everywhere or the products of the company are false, now is not found or not reporting agencies, resulting in these shops companies still survive. But Baidu has not interested in this, Baidu decided not to answer it too hard, too overbearing.

so, blocked most of the webmaster to consider to do business acquisition station, re! Has indeed become a search killer, but unfortunately this killer didn’t kill the search engine but the website search engine. Suggest you don’t collect, original is kingly way,


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