Maoy’s Thoughts on the development of inquiry websites

hasn’t updated the blog in these two days. I’ve been thinking about the development of the inquiry website in addition to busy personal things. The day before yesterday saw the domain name by Li Jinxiang 200 thousand heavily purchased, Li Jinxiang buy this domain name is not for investment and collection, but directly used for Bus inquiries website, now can access. The bus query website as a small website, why people would rather spend 200 thousand bought the domain name to do? Even the Baidu portal has to offer such services. Bus is the most frequently used means of transportation in people’s daily life. In the past, it was not very convenient for people to travel and inquire about the bus routes, and the emergence of public transportation websites made it more convenient and fast for people to inquire about the bus routes. We all know that the huge demand means traffic, and more means the market.

bus query is only a topic of inquiry website, there are tens of thousands of topics, such as IP inquiries, zip code inquiries, mobile home ownership inquiries, train time inquiries and so on. Even if the webmaster query subdivision, there are PR query, domain name deletion, time query, search engine included query, etc., such web site traffic is not expensive. Believe everybody is more familiar, the stationmaster that makes these websites is more familiar, so everybody should also drill deeply, still have tens of thousands of subjects. The type of query website has been giving a single plate, dull image, not brightly coloured pictures, not cool and unusual page, even a nice logo No. But it is such a website, has become a right-hand man of Internet users, every time you need it, you will get the most accurate information on these websites.

remembers the founder of Google saying a word that means "we don’t want visitors to stay at Google. They just want visitors to get accurate information and then leave as soon as possible."." This mentality and awareness is the highest level of website, the basic meaning of the site is to provide services to Internet users, can not meet the needs of Internet users, the site is of no value. Search engines and search sites are exactly the same, just to provide users with the information they need most, and query sites can be more accurate and accurate. There is a commonly used Baidu search channel (, even the Duke did not miss, but we all know that the site traffic Duke class strong storm. No one will think much traffic, Baidu involved in these, or that the query service is a huge demand and prospects, even if it is a small theme may be a miracle.

many garbage stations can earn XX yuan per day, but that’s only for the owners of the site to generate value and no value for the Internet users. That’s why the garbage can’t survive long. To meet the needs of Internet users is the ultimate goal of the Internet, also has a dedicated practical query channel (, and >

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