Analysis of the coffee machine industry enterprise station of the original soft how to write

with Baidu algorithm updated from algorithm to algorithm to green pomegranate evolution Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 past the SEO, leading to the chain for the emperor era has become the past, but now the contents of the emperor era, Baidu Webmaster Platform also stressed that the construction of high quality content is king, in order to make the site sound the development of the final will be more effective flow, the website will get good rankings in the past, many webmaster friends in the construction site content mostly is based pseudo original, but in the algorithm under the blow now pseudo original do not really have what effect not to mention what reproduced and collected, then how to write the original text? And how many come from the original article write? The two question to be troubled many webmaster problem also includes Author included. Today on the current optimization of a coffee machine on the sale of the station to share with you, I engaged in SEO for several years is how to write the original soft text, hoping to some webmaster friends enlightenment.

1. Read more articles related to the theme of the website

must first clear the site in the construction of website content theme, in a clear theme of the site can be read through the network or related books and magazines to find and site theme related articles were read in the reading process to seize the inspiration to capture the heart of a sentence in the article to carry on the writing soft text or reading an article in their own words after you write the summary or some feelings in writing naturally into the optimization of the key word to keep the whole article and fluent, such soft Wen is a very good article. For example, the website is selling coffee machine so I can through Baidu, soso, Sogou 360 or to search for the word "coffee machine and coffee machine to find relevant articles to read, such as the word Baidu library search" coffee machine "can be found in many related articles and coffee machine as shown in Figure 1 shown:

in the chart, you can choose the article you want to read. If you want to read the article "coffee machine use", you can click on it. There are many articles about how to use the coffee machine. < here I don’t have to figure that > when reading an article in accordance with the method mentioned above to write, grab a point in your own words to describe < note: you see this is just to give you a theme you just like > soft belong to the original article.

two. Translate English articles related to website topics

from the theme of the site English website or English books directly translated articles, and then do the appropriate keywords in the article layout adjustment and maintain smooth article this article in the search engine it also belongs to the original text, but the English level requires a certain height.

for website originality content construction, I simply share with webmaster friends here

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