n addition to SEO we will also be site data analysis


in SEO, we face every day, in addition to outside, we link the code and data is the most trying, sometimes look at the out of order data, you will find what is valuable to you? Do you find these data what kind of law? This is our right. To analyze these data, get the results, will let us get some unexpected results. So, we are doing SEO at the same time, in addition to care about the ranking, we should pay attention to the site data, may be a result of you, will give your site, your business brings a qualitative leap, so that the website data analysis in SEO, is also very important.

Now many webmaster

with CNZZ, 51LA traffic statistical systems, these systems have been very mature, we can often see people how to come to your website to see what is on the page which pages are the most keyword search, how to use the long tail word of these pages to take to the other long tail word the page, thus to enhance the entire site, every day we develop good habits, preservation of these data, a long time, make a comparison, and then he slowly know which page is more important. Of course, we need to know what the data stands for, or else the consequences will be known to us, ha ha…

In fact,

website data analysis but also on a website you can find their own lack of diagnosis, in the site from these results, found that lack of this page and some other information (such as: people see me this page, why don’t I buy this product, this product is what I do with these problems, we need to to consider), when we found the problem, and timely correct the problem of website, and then track and believe that there will be a satisfactory result, so we will have to learn to master SEO, site analysis.

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