Don’t lose love because of the website

do webmaster, all know webmaster very tired, very hard. Outsiders, such as your friends and family, will only say that you just wave a mouse and knock on the keyboard every day. They just say, you don’t have to go to a day of sweat, do not have to run around here and there. But I don’t know all your work in the network, blood.

don’t want to say how other webmaster friends every day love life. About two friends around me, on a few articles we wrote, the three little webmaster, for their own small website, every day at the computer time up to 15 hours, imagine a day only in addition to the 24 hours, 15 hours, and how much time can go out, and his friends KK song, eat supper. And how much time can get out, to accompany his wife to go to the store shopping, go to the cinema to see a less than 2 hours of film. All the bitterness, I can’t use my limited words to express, I believe that no one can.

, for your station, do you have a lover?. How many times have you been arguing? Have you got in touch with your spouse? Is she supportive,


I hope that all webmaster friends, and family, love good communication, don’t have the network, and lost reality,.

welcome everyone to my station to point out:

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