Chatting with Chongqing stationmaster

said against the net in experienced more than half a year, said against the network has completed the first Wyatt, this 2 months Wyatt change process, we lost a lot of users, but we also get to the point of views, and on the website of the registered users more understanding. We’ve been focusing on technology development for a while, and it’s very rare for users to take a look at it, causing too little attention to the user’s feelings, and losing some loyal users.

When we compare the

confused in the aspect of operation, and today the wide in bamboo, long in their website about all together, chatting when feeling a lot of harvest.


chatted with them, we talked about word of mouth marketing, desktop programming, market experience, SP development, and website user stickiness.

word of mouth marketing:

Word of mouth marketing on the

website is more important than spending money on advertising. Use your website’s member’s influence to do promotion, and rely on their influence to attract more people to understand our website. Such word-of-mouth marketing than your money to attract visitors to stay loyal to a higher proportion of users, and the introduction of a friend formed a circle, the membership of the website activity will also be very helpful.

desktop programming Market:

occupies the desktop application market, and must not neglect the desktop application market as more and more people are going to the internet. The Internet market is growing, which is generally accepted, but desktop applications also have some of his market, and the desktop application market is less competitive than the Internet market.

SP development status:

SP last year has begun to decline, especially this year’s 3.15 and three major operators restructuring, SP business fell to the bottom, SP business has become increasingly difficult to do, and more and more standardized. Perhaps SP’s business slump is the precursor to 3G’s business boom, the darkest hour. For some of the line without profit model site, this time is the most difficult time.

website user viscosity:

website user viscosity will directly affect the amount of information generated by the site, the function of the site usage, web users viscosity is high, the value will be high. The website user viscosity there are many aspects of influence on his website, user experience, site information, community atmosphere is strong, recognized view is getting attention, these are a direct impact on the user viscosity place. There are too many people who enjoy information on the Internet, and there are too few people who really create it.

when we chat together, realize the profit model in the beginning and is the most important, it is important to how well the user experience of the website and promotion, profit model should be developed at the site to a certain stage of the depth of excavation, later as long as the users, we have access to more. The opportunity to dig out.

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