Disabled stationmaster Taobao guest writes a business to remember have bitterness also have warmth

in fact, do Taobao customers in this industry, is a very tired job, I call him sitting on the chair of migrant workers. Individual Taobao customers should rely on their own little bit of time to continue to improve, continuous promotion. This, perhaps the majority of webmaster have a great resonance. Those who do very successful individuals are depleted Amoy, huge effort, worth learning and reference, but also behind the huge bitterness, I is not a successful Taobao customers, but still have to belong to my own bitterness.


my name is Zhang Jinchuan, 84 years old, single old man. I had to do Amoy is now sell, so it is in the closed doors. The previous period Zhuang Yuan Xiu, I learned of Jiang Junjun, read some of his post, in fact, Taobao is really suitable for a disabled person to participate in, he succeeded, I admire him, envy him. Jiang Junjun is a kind of person, but we are completely different two results, I still on the way.

a childhood accident changed the society, to see my eyes, but also let the innocence of the innocence of my early maturity and understanding of inferiority.

is also very clear at the age of 9, this is the most corrupt all the children playing time, but this is fun, I somehow even in the old window hired several similar microphone playthings, when with a few buddy together happily took the microphone to sing, I do not know who is found. There is a cover of the microphone, the lid open, because of curiosity then plucked out a thin rope, then a loud noise, sound after the sky is crying, will all the people still awake, all are injured, I don’t remember how the injury is, is very clear see my left leg has been torn apart, leaving a bar connected with the stump.

heard the adults running, crying and cursing our respective arms, and helpless begged quickly find someone to find a car, a doctor on the way, my father holding me, holding my hand big aunt injured stump, afraid of dangling my car, originally by a bar even a small leg also shake off. Dad has been crying in the car, cry like a man, I was the first time, and before, the only time, to see Dad crying so sad, he has been a strong man.

to the hospital, all the small partners are discharged, only I continue to stay in the hospital, and later because of the wound infection, I will always lose my left leg.

I learned later that the toy that changed my life was called a hand grenade.


since then, the family has been squeezed, but also because of my special operation of this particular child, limb, limb change and more difficult.

is growing up, living, learning, working,…

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