Do white hat or black hat is a real problem


of the English Renaissance in his classical repertoire, "life and death" said: "the survival or destruction, this is a problem, I also encountered a problem in the same time the enterprise website, enterprise website content, the domain name weight light, time is short, very popular keywords it is very difficult to row in a short period of time, in the face of customer requirements to keywords row up within the prescribed time, for me is a thorny problem, do a black hat hat really is a problem.

maybe someone will look down on the black hat SEO, black hat SEO no technical content, said ranking is not stable, said the group will be K, will be down right will be the sandbox and so on, but look at the search engine rankings in front of a lot of black hat, do white hat but after all is one of the few. Always use formal way to do business, rather than the black hat SEO, ranking rose slowly, the new domain name included the use of white hat is also slow, the way I was shaken.

In his masterpiece

Lonelywolf wrote: " don’t look down on the black hat SEO, they are just too white, white hat " right long on a black hat, I also encountered the keyword density is too large, the site was K, but it is undeniable, there are a lot of black hat techniques, still can make we can learn from him, learn long, fill their short.

since the black hat is too far white hat, then put the black hat do more like some of the white hat, black hat gimmick more like white hat means, but it is beneficial to ranking, may be key in a master degree, the ancients said excessive worry rather than " " is this truth. I look at the station, look at the results to.

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