Buddha careful observation write the soft text according to life to do the original

many webmaster and I used to, afraid of writing soft text, avoid writing soft Wen, investigate its reason, mainly is not know how to write soft Wen, no material can write. The Buddha told you, in fact, soft Wen is not difficult, careful observation around life, everywhere is the original material.

one, personal experience of standing

as a webmaster, everyone has his own standing experience, we do stand experience is impossible, just the same, then put yourself to do station experience written down, this must be original article. It should be noted that the writing experience must be true, and this is also related to the user experience. Perhaps no flowery language, but written by simple language and the real feelings, is definitely a good article.

two, connecting life to the industry,

here, the so-called industry can be different industries, because we write the soft text is based on their different industry purposes to write, so basically applicable to all industries. Every day we will encounter a lot of things in life, which can be used as the "fuse" of the article, guided by these things, the development of the article, and then linked to related industries. Take a simple example: just now I was in the bus and met a young man who offered his seat to the elderly. From this, we can guide the following – Webmaster, do you remember the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation? What specific industries can be used, everyone is obvious.

three, change the angle to write soft Wen

there is no doubt that everyone looks at things differently. Then we should write articles according to our own opinions. Don’t be limited to other people’s opinions. We can also write about relevant articles written by others, so we need to look at things from other angles, and we will get different results from different angles. A new original will come into being.

four, Qinnengbuzhuo

as a novice, the most taboo lazy, imagine, originally nothing, not to learn, not to do, how can succeed?. We should see our shortcomings, and then increase our practice and do bad things. Then we will practice more. For example, the above one said, "life linked to the industry," if you start difficult to link up, then more practice, an article can not write N article. The so-called Qinnengbuzhuo, write soft still applies.

five, executive force

"executive power" the word, the author has not mentioned many times, in fact, no matter what, the implementation of force is particularly important. Do a good thing, persist is the fundamental, insist on doing, until you succeed, you will find that the executive power of what. Write soft, need executive force, do original, need executive force, do anything, need to executive force.

about writing a little experience of soft, first introduced here, hope to give more people help.

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