Being a station is just an interest

no one will also station, no one is born to make money on the station. Everything is just in a premise! Twentieth Century, computer is still not popular, when people interested in the computer, all want to have a computer. When the computer unveiled the mystery, the original computer can have a magical world, so interest began to branch.

some people like chatting and some people like playing games… Also some people like to go to the website construction. When you edit simple pages with HTML code, you’ll be proud to recommend your site to your friends, even if your station is so simple. When you use other people’s source code to modify your website, you will also actively add content, enrich the website, and then enjoy your masterpiece with great achievements.

when you really want to build up their own website, in this process, you learn the network to make money, then changed your interest, you will in order to make money, to maintain and optimize the site desperately, but in a different way. Some of the rules and regulations, and some prefer to use a bad way, the development of the site to a certain extent, they want to make more money crazy, at this time, your interest has changed from website hobby to website marketing.


is to work for the first interest, we embarked on a station of this road, why not take the interest as the premise, always go on? You can completely rely on their own to build their own platform, you are not under 3 years of age. What are you interested in what the best station was built, after all you know about it, the content of the site quality is fundamental to retain visitors, even the owners have a smattering of knowledge or what all don’t know, what do you have for the powerful your website? The world strongman is long, I add some base station, there are there are several dozens of stations were collected, I know, dump more, money together but also a lot of income, but I think, if you insist, then in addition to harvest a little money, they still have what harvest? Known as oneself is the webmaster at the station? Is the collection station. Others will not say, and no one to say, others walk other people’s road, we can not manage. What I want to know is, what can I do with the garbage station? Not even a sense of achievement.

my station is always a state, has been engaged in money, 1000-2000IP, almost no revenue, put my heart to meet GG, ah, I’d like to stick to it, I want to use my own hard work and sweat, for convenience and praise others. On one occasion, I was in a QQ group, someone asked if there was a good website reference, another person said my station, and said that this station is not bad. At that time I didn’t say anything, but I was so happy, this feeling ~ ~ ~ very cool,


webmaster friends, we all put our own stand up well, persistence is victory. Always remember, station is just our interest! For interest, we struggle, struggle, no matter what the result, we have achievements! Perhaps, this achievement is >!

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