What can garbage sites bring us

student stationmaster, we have two roles. In life, we also play a dual role, but we have the same to treat, because we are to ourselves, to the service of others, at the same time, we also get happiness, from yourself! Therefore, the network is a part of our life, we should be every webmaster earnestly to treat.

with the popularity and popularity of personal websites, website building procedures are constantly emerging, such as mushrooming. Along with its development, a number of garbage site procedures also appear accordingly, this is inevitable, is inevitable product of development. Some of them according to the keyword density mining related information website and the thief program steal others site content and so on, the developers at the beginning of the design is not in service to others for the interests of others and to develop, in order to flow, in order to make money… You see, this developed program can stable? If the vulnerability not very strange! And some insidious programmers want something in return, it is unknown that leave the back door, to get some decent things secretly, and users are snobbish, maintenance management on site support do not in place, technology is either a rookie, but has the ability to either lazy to do a website, go write program potential "".

uses these junk program even in Baidu, Google is among the best, what would be the point? That website just is a profitable tool, a full Trojan tool that does harm! Network trojan is not popular? You need to build a garbage station spread about how many people want? Trojan


I don’t think this is what our student webmaster should do. We are the largest owners of potential students, to enhance the ability of relatively fast, perhaps in the future network development of the new model, we need to create, we have ideal, have a special group of group goals, we are in order to better serve the users in the service and the pleasure has also found opportunities and new opportunities, use it will create greater value, eventually upgraded to realize their own value! Do website is not only to your account, is our own needs, we will be the best way to quickly apply their knowledge of


finally, let’s really do stand, square is a man,


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