Sad small webmaster born imitation died of innovation

you may see this title is to use bricks to throw me, we always say to innovation, but from a practical consideration? There are several websites is the innovation to survive, is the innovation, can make the Internet a revolution, let the Internet history rewriting, but that is what you can do? A person, there is no money, no money, what do you thing and those big portal spell? Look at Chinese now several cattle B Internet Co, Sohu, Sina, 163 which is the imitation of YAHOO portal mode, and our "dear" Baidu, I do not say you know that his "father" who ah? What the page is almost the same,, Amazon’s mode is you moved to China, and our cute penguin brothers, QICQ don’t know why Have you been upset? There are too many Internet in china. To say that I think the successful innovation is the only Alibaba, the IT Chinese elite classic mode is to study in the United States, and then saw a new success in the United States, hurry to flicker some investment back home, began, it has become the world’s largest Chinese certain website, should imitate it is easy to succeed, because you know what the future of the road should be how to go.

we’ll talk about the so-called innovation, before the video site is the fire, as if someone got a video search, like CEO or a beauty, which is the Chinese most professional video search, even the name I do not know what is, I will go to search the video will use Baidu Search, I never looking for the site. It should be said that the blog is the Internet into the WEB3.0 era logo, Fangxing should be China East brother blog father, why he has now announced failure? Now the most popular blog should be Sina blog blog blog, Sohu, NetEase. The innovation in the China as soon as you come out, you find it good, everyone will imitate you, to people’s talent, talent is not worse than you, money, money people don’t know is how many times you, what makes you fight with others? You so-called innovation just for people to do the wedding dress, in the end you even P is not, unless your technology is no, there is no way to imitate others, or is out of occupied dominant position, people want to come in and have no way.

I appreciate Tencent very much. Look at the Tencent. People have copied so many businesses and made more money. As long as it’s the Internet, some of them seem to be all done by Tencent. I do stand to make money, see a good website, I am also an imitation of a and we may not see also know what is my station, yes, I see the people the success of the website, I imitate his, the reason is clear, because it is convinced that success I logo the confidence of success, do stand to make money, why Ma Huateng now make a money one? It is because they are optimistic about their own money to the station, said previously that Ma Huateng give up the acquisition of YOUTUB.

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