Talking about how to make your website well

currently do the basic station is 80 and 90 friends, but many are temporarily hot heart, do pull a station, investment is also a lot, but for some time to maintain the maintenance can not go down. Many webmaster can not find the problem, why do you seriously do stand, stand on their own than to treat their relatives, but in exchange for the result is unprofitable, that


actually, none of the friends who have been standing here have seriously thought about it. Just think what a hot station do what station do later how to maintain how publicity, how to promote, for example, navigation station friends do a lot, just contact the website of friends. I think the first feeling is to do a good navigation station, the station after then just imagining station how good, can not exceed 123 now deadly navigation station that actually do now? The navigation station is late, we analysis, the first navigation station is belong to the user to find all of the web site, collect information website, because Internet users now have a common the characteristic is that love station will go to the station, why, because this station has provided you with you all the information you need, no need to seek new navigation station, do people plus early, Basically go to the Internet to find navigation stations, will remember good 123.

so do navigation station is not good, but if you really do that you investment is very large, you want a good navigation station with fame should vigorously publicity, when go to Internet cafes and computer sales shop so that they install the system to the user to make your IE home page, also have because you started relatively late to find a good meter, so the user easy to remember. There is the site template, to be beautiful and generous, so that users first look very comfortable feeling.

For example, I do a

source download site, download the source code of the station now do a lot, but how do you become the first station, will be a feature to seize the user, our website should consider from the user’s point of view, to see what the user needs, and when we want to update, to collect a lot of love and good user often use the source code to download to the user, and the server speed must be fast, because you do you find what users download information to find your site, although your station information is very rich but very slow download speed, then the user would like to close your web pages to find other website information. So what do download station must pay attention to the information is updated frequently, from the user’s perspective, the user needs to update the content, then is not too much trouble in the station for the temptation of advertising, I see a lot of money for download stations, put ads in the download address, download content is what after the user clicks? Play to other sites, this is taboo, and then download speed, since we should do a good job, to ensure that users download faster so that users feel your download speed is good, you will often go to the station to patronize, there is never steal, because if you give the other post a free website advertising this to you a bit of good.

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