Talk about do stand from the spirit of Sister Lotus

webmaster a April 28th article "talk about those who make outstanding contributions to the Internet Network Reds" article, which mentioned chubby, sister lotus. These network reds, bring a touch of color to give people boring life, become the topic of people at leisure. Many people despise them by their show, the doings, but still could not stop the curiosity, while abuse of them, while another who are concerned about their news.

a few days ago stationmaster net also reports "Taobao and lotus signing Ma Yun stressed the shopping grassroots attribute" article, we disdain sister Furong also envy her giggle and flirt, hand opportunity,, and Ma Yun cooperation, how much is the webmaster would not dare to think of things. Ma Yun said, "Sister Lotus spirit, is the reason why Taobao made such achievements in the China market is not afraid of difficulties to give the spirit of self." I dare to show on the network, bold show themselves, although not recognized by the people, but really famous popular. Ma Yun chose to see her sister lotus, is also out performance, just like us. If Furong ordinary office staff, who believe that she did not know what kind of man he is, of course, also don’t have the word "Sister Lotus".

Chinese culture for thousands of years, we should be sensible, dignified and elegant, non mainstream, the best bit of any behavior killed in the imagination. Traditional culture puts people in the right place to follow the rules and abide by their duties. Most people can not get rid of this mental bondage and live a life of ordinary people. After the advent of the Internet and the popularity of love show dare performance such as sister Furong finally found the stage, breaking the bondage of traditional ideas, bold show yourself.

social reality, many people may not satisfy the current situation, lack of self-confidence, and not easily broken, want to get rid of but not successful, sister Furong appear scattered people’s attention and make eyes bright. She is not also positive is not evil, just a grassroots who can, who can say that she did not care in the people’s war slobber submerged. One would like to make a wish to, two unrelated, their enrichment, people get boring sent from the lotus has also been giggle and flirt in different poses and with different expressions, the curse of pleasure; while in the performance to show their sister lotus, let more people know her, satisfy her desire to perform, benefit each other.

yes, who do not have the right to condemn the behavior of whom there is no sister lotus, who is forced to accept Sister Lotus, so lotus on the network red up. I query the lotus official blog, traffic was as high as about 39000000, this is a great flow? The webmaster to do site optimization, it is difficult to optimize the degree. Google news search engine input to search Sister Lotus as much as 2870000. Where there is hibiscus, where unpopular, people disdain so, but have to admire her courage.


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