The choice and application of picture format JPG and GF

we will often have to deal with some pictures in the site, the picture format choice is particularly important, I have PS years of teaching work, we have been engaged in graphic design website, good image format selection can not only ensure the picture quality, but also to ensure that the picture is as small as possible, so as to improve the network access speed.

1, look at the color of the image, the number of how many, with Jpg (covering all colors), less with GIF (256 colors);

JPG, GIF format selection is the core of the picture is a bitmap, bitmap, professional terms do not need to know, in short, how much you see the color of the image, such as the real landscape painting or photograph (that is what we call ordinary pictures) will certainly choose JPG because including color range; however we draw simple graphics files with less color can be saved as GIF format, of course, for drawing cartoons and use a lot of gradient effect will still save as JPG, because it can fully guarantee the picture level sense.

2, according to the need to choose, if you want to do is GIF animation, it had to reluctantly part (part of the loss of color data saved in GIF format;


for this JPG, GIF picture format selection, basically follow the two rules, specific reference Chinese novel network picture processing method, hope to help everyone.

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