This 3 years trading 90 billion men is how to set off B2B electricity supplier Frenzy

dark horse said: 3 years of total transactions exceeded 90 billion yuan, the domestic B2B business platform for steel net yiqijuechen. As the founder of the company, born in 1976, Wang Dong has set off a new wave in the industry. Many entrepreneurs in the fields of steel, plastics, agriculture, timber, etc are all crazy about imitating his routine. How did he do that? (following the interview with Wang Dong, founder of the steel network, and vice president Gong Yingxin)


| reporter Wang

editor | Qi Jielun

out of business anxiety period

at the beginning of November 2013, Beijing remains unabated, the hot weather.

was just left Baidu Gong Yingxin, in the investor’s match, flew to Shanghai, and the steel mesh founder Wang Dongyou first met.

"steel? No, it’s a long span.". Wang Dong and looking for steel know little. "What kind of man is he?" the road was full of problems.

before departure, Gong Yingxin know only, Xu Xiaoping made investment to find steel network, this decision only took less than 40 minutes, Xu that B2B electricity supplier will be the future venture hot spot. So, before the job relationship, Gong Yingxin met many government officials. She found that, for the B2B electricity supplier development trend of judgment, the relevant government officials have and Xu Xiaoping is quite close to the point of view.

this is Gong Yingxin’s starting point of interest in finding steel mesh.

Wang Dong’s office is big, at least 30 square meters. There is a big fish tank in the room, and the king raises some parrots. Gong Yingxin opens the door and sees tea table. Tea table decoration exquisite, very consistent with the style of steel trade business positioning.

in Gong Yingxin impression, Wang Dong day, a casual T-shirt, a casual pants, a pair of sandals, the skin is very white, Han Han, fat. The palace told the entrepreneur she had studied face and thought his nose was good. Among the faces, the highest status of the nose represents the fortunes of a person.


note: look at Wang Dong’s face, not only big nose, big ears, the nose represents wealth, ears represent destiny.

Wang Dong wants Gong Yingxin to join the team and look for the steel mesh market.

"remember correctly, there were 10 people in the R & D department at that time. In addition to R & D, finance, HR, PR, the market and other departments are not. He himself is a PR." Gong Yingxin laughs.

Wang Dong has a background in science and Engineering (Wang has graduated from Sichuan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and has a master’s degree in software engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology), but his writing skills are excellent. Wang’s articles are scattered in the Guangming Daily and other media. The style of writing is bold and uninhibited and the Internet is very hot.

PR alone is obviously not enough. With >

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