Site to get a Baidu theme promotion method

now on the network alliance account, the hottest when Baidu theme, its application difficult standard high, the webmaster is deep understanding. I used to use a few web sites, has not passed, and then I used this site: network post application, 3 days through. Here, I write down the experience of the application, we refer to.


website is built at the beginning of February, I love the Internet when listening to music while reading novels, playing a little game. I would like to build such a comprehensive entertainment site, please have developed this program, and made the appropriate optimization. On-line 3 days, Baidu included. So far, Baidu has reached 3610. And this number is refreshed every hour. That is to say, Baidu visits my website every hour, and that’s what I want to say first: the content of the website should be updated frequently.

on-line, I did not put an ad, there are no popups. Just for the user to experience the relaxed Internet environment, I am not going to the pop-up, I personally hate the emergence of a web window. I first applied for Baidu search, and Baidu cooperation once again. Then I put Baidu’s co OP ad on the front page of the site. At the bottom of the total station page put Baidu search ads, other ads are not put. I summed up the second point: do not throw ads randomly, it is best to put in cooperation with Baidu website advertising, third points: website content must be formal and legitimate, domain name to be filed. The best site is an independent IP space, in the shared space, other sites violation of your station also has an impact.

above is my personal experience, written out in the hope that we can give you some help, reprinted please specify from: network post

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