Relationship between website ranking traffic and money making

note: for personal websites,

we personally do website, basically not for fun, but in order to get benefit from it, then what kind of website can earn money,


1, with a relatively stable ranking in Baidu and Google, can rank in the top three; of course, it will take a long time to do it.

2, a large number of included. Included in the high, your site may be cited by the search engine to be found.

in order to achieve the above requirements, I think we can proceed from the following points.

1, write more original articles, I’m afraid you write is not good, but also to continue to write, so that it is conducive to included. If it is original, the basic two hours will be included. This is the time and the ability to have the conditions to do, if there is no time and ability, you can write some original articles, false original article can change the title, content slightly changes some of it, don’t blindly copy and paste, especially can not anxious.

2, according to the requirements of the website title, keyword, description definition. Title Definition, you should learn to group words, such as want to do on the two keywords tutorials, web design, web production can be written like this: Web site, web design and production tutorial. You can get web design tutorials, web authoring tutorials, web design tutorials, web pages, tutorials, and a few keywords. The definition of keywords and descriptions can be written as required.

3, with good things, of course, to share with you, how to share it, and more to send posts, it is best to bring your own web link, but also increase the web site of the chain. This is the most tired thing of new station.

4, submit your own web site to major websites.

with the rankings, the direct flow is brought about, this is what everyone knows, with traffic, you can choose a variety of advertising methods, such as Baidu and Google’s theme advertising. This is also the most commonly used, of course, this is only in advance, if the site to do more successful, then there will be companies looking for you to advertise. If I don’t tell you all about it, I’ll pay for it.

wrote in the following words:

1, a successful website is not ready for two days a day, it takes time and effort to maintain and operate;

2, is to do a proficient in the industry’s Web site, I think it will be twice the result with half the effort.

wish the world webmaster, much money.

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