The free hosting network plot don’t play it last week

has not made a website for a long time, recently saw very lively free host network, I also went to apply for a space. After use, feel free, the space is really good, really there are many places beyond the toll host". It is too good, so some owners say they have a plot, such as rumors of a very wide "cost free". From the analysis of a text, analysis of free software profit model is: webmaster privacy take money, such as extortion station data.

, as I’ve used their space, it doesn’t seem like that. After I register and upload photo ID card, immediately there is a long-distance telephone call to my mobile phone, the efficiency of what I expected, "the free mode of operation cost is high, a long-distance telephone call about ten minutes, there is a deep pocketed companies behind it supports.

wants to say that free space is really more advanced than IDC, and the control panel is also used outside of the star, and has the function of automatically backing up and downloading websites. But we all know that a really fast line, need hundreds of thousands of years of rent can. IDC company is difficult to do, ordinary IDC company does not have the financial resources, and only this relationship, it seems very mysterious.

It provides free

from such a high level of service, if they take the privacy of the owners to make money, they will not spend so much money, but also does not appear always personally real names, where there is real name out of a


said is to take the webmaster data to coerce webmaster, that is nonsense, because free of charge control panel is with web packaging download function, the webmaster can download and download web site at any time. Moreover, now the webmaster’s code is mutual plagiarism, there has been no "blackmail" value, not to mention who’s computer is backed up, it is nonsense.

free it is so rich, obviously not a liar. It’s just free. It’s so rich that I have to probe its plot.

someone wrote "from the cost analysis of the" free "," the real intention of the conjectures written in part to there is some truth: "they have 3 kinds of forms of advertising text link ads ads disappeared immediately after the floating BANNER was playing advertising these ads are basically CPA advertising, click the rate is 3% (he is already high, can you imagine your GG number 3% hits will be how to do), according to the average price of GG (for example, should not be placed directly GG) 0.05 dollars, or 3 yuan (assuming they here such hair floating ads each point time is 0.3 yuan, may actually lower),".

has exposed the free model to this article at once, that is to say, free advertising mode is definitely losing money. The author therefore introduced free of charge, the profit is sold by privacy and extortion webmaster data, to some of the hearts of small gentlemen

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