Wanda fancy time network turn over the opportunity is not derivative products but mobile nternet

Abstract: the Wanda shares time network, the most fancy is not online ticket business, but time nets movie derivative products business. Time net finally turn over the opportunity, in fact, is not to sell derivative products at this business level choice, but the choice of mobile Internet strategy!



time network is always my favorite website, because it is enough and professional enough. And I learned how to use the online ticket and the time net. It has the advantage of reading reviews and scoring tickets. But unfortunately, time network did not choose O2O business as the main direction, so that by the cat’s eye, Guevara and other O2O sites quickly beyond.

I have predicted before: video site today is the movie O2O industry tomorrow, industry mergers and acquisitions inevitable.

so Wanda shares this time network, not surprising. But Wanda’s favorite time network is not online ticketing business, but time network of film derivatives business.

this investment did not disclose the exact amount, which in the film "O2O great leap forward" era is a little puzzling, generally everyone will be eager to sun data, drying amount of money. Therefore, the valuation may not be very high, with the cat eye every ten billion valuation, the valuation of time nets, if millions of units, is likely to be single digits, while the amount of financing may be tens of millions of levels.

PC Internet era aristocracy, in the mobile Internet era, the decline of

according to reason, time nets in the movie O2O industry layout is the earliest, should be in the first camp just right. But it is a pity that it has missed the transition opportunities again and again and three. The fundamental reason is not to choose the core business, but has not completely transformed to the mobile internet.

time network, like watercress, the two are the product of the last PC Internet era. And this time network has Wanda investment is lucky. I hope that after the financial capital, you can move in the field of mobile Internet All, in, resolute and comprehensive strategic transformation of the mobile internet. Otherwise, the chance of turning over again may be missed again.

time network gives the first impression, in fact, not the movie O2O site, but the movie vertical media, users are more up to see information and film reviews. And for a long time, potential competitors locked in watercress, and watercress problem is also missed the mobile Internet era, marginalized by the capital market.

time network, the old revolution has encountered new problems: movies have become mass consumer goods. The present situation of Chinese film market is "elite in comment" and "mass consumption"". The elite with the right to speak are out of touch with the consumer, and the public is no longer superstitious about the elite, so the public prefers their word-of-mouth and ratings to their tastes. At this time, the consumer cat’s eye, Guevara’s user rating system has become the mainstream, while on behalf of the elite

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