Ten major dislocation of career planning for College Students

1, mistake, ideal as target,

What is the ideal

? This is a very strange word in the eyes of students, with their growth in the real interests of college age under the impact is more and more mature, have already put the ideal as the patent of children while away from their minds. Even if some people have ideals, the ideal is wrong as a goal.

should be the ideal final performance as a result of our pursuit, in the ideal occupation occupation is more performance for a specific job, such as your ideal occupation is the director of human resources, then you should do the human Commissioner, the personnel director position is to achieve the goal of your ideal occupation occupation, and many college students are just focus on the occupation ideal, but not to realize the occupation target of each stage, the occupation ideal will not be achieved. It’s like you’re going to build ten floors, but you don’t want to build the first nine floors when you’re actually executing. You think it’s a waste, but when you dream of the ten floor, your dreams come to nothing.

so there are many kinds of professional ideals among college students, such as some people want to be stars, become scientists, become the richest man in the world and become president of the country…… These seemingly difficult to achieve the ideal is not impossible, because no one in the world is born, is the richest man in the world, the president of the country. (except a few). Such as the United Kingdom, even if inherited, then his ancestors are self-made, and their descendants are not lucky. ) so, how big is your career and how big is the stage?. But our college students regard career ideals as ideal, and even many people turn their ideals into goals. The goal is what we can achieve, the stage where we are in the process of achieving our career aspirations. Only when we turn our great professional ideals into countless possible goals can our professional aspirations be realized. But sadly we students cried all day to achieve the occupation ideal, but not the ideal into occupation target, no more to the occupation target transformation, finally, the grand ideal occupation to occupation dream.

2, mistake means as purpose,

we may have this experience, we decided to go to a restaurant to have for our friends, so, what do you think will take great pains to eat with friends, you want to count ah, ah, want to have a negative one, you will pay a lot of ideas, but you can forget you, what is the purpose of entertaining friends, did you not just to exchange friendship? Eat just a means of expression of friendship, but you are in the means of spent a lot of time and energy, this is how the The loss outweighs the gain.!

our college students in this respect will also make this seemingly simple but actually in the university students in the wrong.

after we turn our professional ideals into career goals, we’ll see what we can do to achieve our career goals. But in the process, our implementation is >

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