By sharing the rapid flow of Giga Circle


Giga Circle is a rapidly rising website in Taiwan. They have adopted a very clever secret promotion method to quickly make the website traffic very large. If their methods are used on the Chinese Internet, the effect can be at least 10 times more effective.

in fact, the traffic flow of the vertical portal website has nothing to do with these:

, 1., Baidu and other search engines, specifically how to increase traffic through SEO?.


second site traffic source is hao123 this kind of Web site, if the hao123360 site navigation to your included, even included in their home, it can bring you flow is very considerable.


third site traffic is from the user directly into your web site, such as car home they estimate that about 1/4 of users are directly enter the URL, or through browser favorites. However, most of the sites are not well-known, there is no core users of the site, this piece of traffic is very small.

4. through QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat and other social media brings traffic, this piece of doing well in the country are not much, and do better is millet mobile phone website and these sites. For example, millet website, 5% of traffic is carried by QQ space every day.

what I’ve been studying recently is how to increase web traffic through social media, and if social media is well used, it’s easy to quickly increase web traffic.

there are many successful cases abroad, and I’ve written a case like this: "personal websites that only last 8 months, hundreds of thousands of dollars a month,"

today, I’d like to introduce you to a new website in Taiwan, Gigacircle, which uses social media like Facebook to set up a mechanism that creates a miracle of web traffic.

is 0 per month by traffic, about 1000000 IP per day, about 4000000 PV, becoming the seventh site in Taiwan, and easily beat famous websites such as apple daily and United News network.

, let’s take a look at the ALEXA curve of this site:


about 2 months or so, ALEXA ranked from 0 to the world’s 260, Taiwan seventh.

why is this website able to achieve such results in a short period of time? Today, Qin Gang gives you an interesting case.

Giga Circle is not a particularly innovative website on the surface. It is a simple BLOG platform. After users register, they can publish their own articles, establish their own zones, and >

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