Analysis of project operation thinking of website optimization

filed SEO website optimization as a SEO workers, would you think SEO is a complex job, there are many details we need to pay attention to in the operation process of the project, some misunderstanding is that we need to avoid, often in the river walk that do not wet shoes way, accidentally there is K, website be punished; because SEO is a resort and other platform promotion work, there are many factors that are beyond the control of all the SEOER, in the process of the optimization of the website to all of you at every step of rigorous running. But in the website operation due to the operation of the project, often there will be a collective operation, so it will lead to different project operating personnel will appear different operating methods, operation ideas, some are correct, some may be wrong. Operation thinking is not unified, is not conducive to the optimization of the site, and may even be the site was K, be punished phenomenon. So we should unify the operation of the project in the process of Web site optimization, to avoid misunderstanding into operation, then what are the operating performance is the misunderstanding in the process of operation? Then let Xiaobian I combined with the existing problems in the daily work to analyze a misunderstanding of the performance, hope to be able to to help you avoid misunderstanding into the SEOER project operation.

one, the chain for the emperor, the times is history.

many people are easily in the optimization of the web site in the chain cycle, that all the chain is the site optimization, as long as do the chain website ranking will naturally go up, to know the chain for the emperor era is history. Especially for the chain Commissioner and some entering the SEO industry SEO birds, does not know what is the real core of website optimization? High quality station layout with high quality is the chain construction can be said to be an arm of website optimization. Here I want to say to SEOER: the outer chain is a critical step in the website voting, but it is not the only way. The chain alone is not feasible, even if the website can operate on-line is short, so on-line sites will come easily fluctuating, stable operation, is not conducive to the project later saying: "the meal is to eat a mouth, the way is to go step by step".

two, scientific and reasonable is the best.

many SEO webmaster in website structure, love is always recommended "the latest articles list on the home page, but also put on the website F, they think that this is conducive to the optimization of search engine crawl, it is not. This is not only conducive to the search engines crawl even for website optimization or have a negative impact, why do you say that? That one of my website optimization, in the optimization of website all pages using a unified call list on the left, including news list page, with news pages and other single page at that time in the layout of website architecture only considered the patency of the page to return, but ignore the web page are >

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