Analysis of copyright information in the process of station reprint

I believe that many

in the non-stop submission of the webmaster found that many people reproduced in his article, do not leave the copyright of Web site information, he worked hard to write a few hours of things, others are original, in addition to anger, frustration, sadness, and a lost heart. These people why? The reason is nothing more than two points: 1 the article is trying to release their own search engine that is the original; 2 is the wrong idea comes from the outbound links too much will lead to your site right down. For this purpose, the author writes some ideas about these views.

search engine for the original judgment rules, I believe that a little bit of experience standing experience is very clear. For reprinted articles, in the absence of originality or highly pseudo original circumstances, it is difficult to be considered original, I do not believe that for a reprint from A5 articles, you can row in front of him. Of course, Baidu ventilation period on some changes, including the recent mention of Baidu included immediately after the deletion, and then a few hours later included in the situation also appeared. Since the row in front of them, the original goodness to them, you’re just thinking about the original

or not?

for search engines, as long as you publish content with certain timeliness and popularity, will generally be included. Of course, to exclude a part of the lower weight of the site, if the weight is too low, they certainly need to solve this part of the problem. Recent changes in search engines have reduced the number of entries in the same content, which is inevitable. We can only say that when you update your website, you need to pay more attention to your website and update speed. For diligent and more able to adhere to the webmaster, this is also a good news, after all, more attention to their own, more diligent, and harvest more. The standardization of search engines is actually to help you better and more steadily adhere to your website.

in fact, in terms of copyright protection, is a popular saying that the station for the emergence of a large number of reproduced content, and few containing the source address in the station outside the chain, the search engine will be on the right down processing. This statement has been circulated in the webmaster, whether it has been confirmed remains to be verified. But for a long-term consideration of the website, the copyright issue will bring some problems to the webmaster, after the website traffic up, you will find that every day there are comments on the content of the original author’s abuse and reprimand, delete the comment is not, plus the original link fee also. This time you will find out, mixed up, sooner or later is to return. That being the case, why not add copyright information to others when they are reprinted?

for outbound links too much will lead to thinking down the right site, we see A5 is very clear, this view is untenable, in terms of weight or PageRank, outbound links do not have too much influence on the site itself. Many of the bad arguments about outbound links in the station stem from the idea of PageRank delivery in web pages, >

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