Domain name transfer method of operation and relevant experience

domain transfer in many times we will encounter, for example in the space business when buying American host send free domain name, when not in use the host we can transfer your domain name to professional domain name business that continue to use, although many space operators provide domain name continued fee, management and other services, but the general space business the domain price is not expensive in general, such as the United States host ixwebhosting domain price actually to $19.95 a year, so the price is more expensive, if it is in the Godaddy that can be registered nearly 3 domain.

additionally, for example, when we sell, transfer the domain name, and change the domain name management platform and so on, we will encounter the domain name transfer. First, we will introduce the preparation of the next domain name transfer.

first, the domain name transfer must have the following conditions:

1. domain transfer code

Method of specifying

domain transfer code to obtain the specific to see the Registrar, domain name registered in foreign countries are generally in the domain control panel can directly apply to the domain name is registered in the country generally need to be taking the domain name.

2. original domain unlock

get the domain transfer code after the check of the domain name has not unlocked, unlocking is not transferred, many domestic manufacturers do not provide the domain name domain name unlock function, also need to unlock to contact the domain name business, pay attention to this point.

3. original domain name registration mailbox

domain name registered with the mailbox before the transfer check is not their own, whether you can log on, because when you transfer, you need to confirm the domain name ownership, send mail to the domain name registration mailbox.

4. original domain name dealer agreed to turn out

this is for special domain business domain, generally above 3 conditions can be transferred, but also some other domestic domain name "special requirements" Chamber of Commerce in China, so the domain name registration in need when the transfer of attention.

you can transfer your domain name when you have met the above conditions,


domain name transfer is relatively simple, in the new domain name provider that apply to transfer service, and then in accordance with the requirements of operation can be transferred, early all the work is ready, the normal period is to confirm the need to wait 5 days to complete the transfer, then you can see it in the new domain taking your own domain name.

When is the

domain name transferred more cost-effective?

Is this question

a lot of people, is not so fast due to the domain name transfer worthwhile? It’s not, after the transfer or registration according to the original time domain to calculate the domain renewal cycle, that is to say if you have half a year before the expiration of the transfer of the domain name, the domain name of the rest of the new chamber of commerce that half a lifetime the.

domain name still has 3 days to expire, can you still transfer?


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