There is no timetable for the real estate crash the nternet crisis is still in progress

the two days on the Internet to see "the real estate crash schedule", it reviews Japan’s 1985 -1991 year the real estate market trend, the trend found Chinese 2005 -2008 and the real estate market is similar to that of Japan’s real estate crash in 1991, China 2010 real estate what will happen? Although experts say that this the Chinese concluded that lack of rigorous, but the real estate market still plays a warning role. China’s real estate development history, a number of countries can control, China’s Internet development process does not know whether there is the object of reference

as we ordinary people, can not say to China real estate, but home to the music industry, people can not live, work harder, may have affected the development of the society. When the real estate crash, we are not experts, can not predict, Chinese society to develop, perhaps this is a necessary stage. As a webmaster, we pay more attention to the Chinese Internet, pay more attention to the opportunity in where? Chinese network is currently in the transition period, individual stationmaster is still on the road constantly groping forward, I hope as soon as possible through the darkness of dawn.

Ma Yun at the 2010 China IT leaders summit, said: "snow is not cold, snowmelt cold economic crisis has not yet passed", which means that the Internet winter will continue for some time. After the network rectification movement, after the Google China withdraws, the personal website has fallen down again a large number of, the individual makes the station difficulty to increase again. But whoever stays, who holds to the end, wins. The difficulty is temporary, but if there is no confidence in the future, there is no hope for the future, the crisis in our hearts will always be there. Ma Yun said: "today’s small businesses may be in the residential areas, may be in the alley, they must be the future of Baidu, the future of the Tencent", perhaps that is you!


China Internet is still in unstable stage. It is also the time Yangjingxurui, so webmaster not discouraged, don’t complain about the network rectification movement is severe, don’t complain about Google leave losses, don’t complain about Baidu alone big "bossy", this is temporary. To learn to survive in adversity, but also to learn to understand the status quo. Google left mainland Chinese, although has not been reluctant to part, retain, this is the reality; grassroots webmaster down a personal website, closing another batch of Internet, more and more bad, this is the reality; people expect prices decline, people can buy the house to live and work in peace, the desire to be nice but not yet this is the reality; China, Southwest drought is more and more serious, more and more people affected, it is China society environment, this is the reality…… The instability is far more than the Internet, difficulty is more than grassroots webmaster


in the A5 forum discussion, some people say that the Internet has been loose for many years, the country should be shot. At this time, the webmaster has a part of the choice of transition, there is a part of them want to stay, the people left to consider changing thinking, money thinking, things thinking. Garbage >

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