Site emergency plan indispensable Taobao invoice door triggered thinking

today (July 1st) morning, friends of the Taobao mall was "buyers can not invoice" grounds for complaints, faced with 12 points deducted, fined 10 thousand yuan, the mall shielding 12 days of severe punishment.


friend’s Taobao mall was "Taobao invoice division" complaints, the other asked for 2000 yuan, the private

, not surprisingly, at noon today, the complaint to the phone, said to hit 2000 yuan private money to a designated account of Alipay, then the other side withdraw the complaint, said: "the last I was good enough to speak, people of other open 6000


afternoon, the complainant urged the phone rang again two times, the other side even friends "bad attitude", not sensible, did not solve the problem of sincerity, asking prices once rose to 5000 yuan.

these 3 calls were recorded by friends and reported to the Kunming cyber police. He said, "after tomorrow’s official contact with Taobao on Monday, according to the decision, what can I do?". "I’m not going to give up easily. It’s not my job, but Taobao officials can’t ignore it."".

I said, too many Taobao mall has been holding him this attitude, but in the end Taobao did not accept. Because even if the police file, if you can not solve the case quickly, whether Taobao will take the police file (other phones, Taobao account is a one-off, Taobao will not be the telephone complaints) reasons from punishment, are unknown, otherwise there will be so many Taobao businesses obediently pay private.

I asked him: "in case Taobao insists on a certain penalty, a fine, shielding the mall, how do you choose?"

silence for a long time, the friend said: "I go one step, there is no way, only huaqianxiaozai, private, normal business can not do


so it seems, "Taobao invoice division" is really not ready, they not only on Taobao related complaints and punishment rules by heart, more thorough understanding of these Taobao sellers psychology, the use of network extortion concealment, few people report, police characteristics of high cost, aimed at the small amount of Taobao the mall business transactions generally to the invoice tax, such behavior is Taobao the provisions of the "breach of promise", two "complaints will be deducted 12 points, a fine of 10 thousand, shielding shop 12 days". So, the same business they change two account orders, two complaints, forcing Taobao to face severe sanctions and Taobao sellers "complaint" unfair profit, "two evils", to huaqianxiaozai.

fair, Taobao mall provisions in mind it is not, in order to better protect the interests of consumers are relatively weak in the transaction process, Taobao mall security even bargain in order to attract more customers, in order to truly protect the people, long-term interests of sellers.

, but it must be pointed out that >

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