Baidu quick collection skills summary

is important for the speed of the web site you’re doing with keywords. Especially the comrades staring at TOP. Few people think it’s okay to be a station for a month or so. Most of the methods mentioned in this paper have been put into practice by myself. Many methods have been mentioned by other predecessors. Here is just a summary or update.

. Let GG fast included (not fast ascension ranking), to be honest, a little technical content is not: after the station is ready, to YAHOO favorites collection, second days included. But Baidu included is not so simple, the following Baidu included said a few points:

website included mainly to see the content, or how everyone said that content is king?. In any case, the site does not collect too much data early, it is best to original / false original. The site I used to work on was released 3 days ago. This time, 10 thousand of the data collected by the study examination network was released only 20 days later and 80 data. Another focus of the site included is the chain. When pseudo original is not a technical point, many SEOER put the chain as their killer. The chain not only speed up included time, but also greatly improve the weight of the site, so that ranking greatly improved. But how to do the chain?.

many people feel that the site did not do well, Baidu did not included, can not do the chain. In fact, this view should be corrected. Previously said GG included very simple. GG has been included, this can be a selling point ah. Another is that Baidu’s domain can also be a selling point. Add at least 10 QQ link exchange group, and then every morning and evening again and again to apply, and do 20 or so links is very easy, and many of them have been included in the station Baidu. Another point is to do at least add a few links before the industry’s largest site, preferably a government website. If you think there is competition, add Baidu, Google, good 123 links. A lot of small stationmaster all have authoritative psychology.

outside the chain, we certainly have the weight of choice. Then write a few mood diaries or something. To the tree, the reader forum, Zigui forum original literature forum. Pay attention to this kind of forum, as long as there is a link of their own, they are more resistant to advertising. If you fear that the link has been deleted, find a picture for the article and put it up on your website. Another place to include the ultra fast and big hair link is the laggards forum / webmaster forum / Sina Forum (each section of the Sina forum is a separate three level domain name, which can send a lot of)

Baidu own a family, and make good use of Baidu’s own business group is very important. The best, of course, is wikipedia. Encyclopedia is now more stringent audit, because it is to the chain, so we’d better not amend the old encyclopedia data, staring at the latest hot spots. The trick is to modify a modified Encyclopedia of others typos, high pass rate. Then, Baidu knows, and now know that only two users can send links, remember. Baidu post bar is a good place to flow, but a lot of time >

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