What does a personal blog need


personal blog needs? Many people apply for a blog, and then choose some popular, offbeat content updated in large quantities, and then put on the full screen advertising code, it is advertising everywhere ah. Of course, such blogs are pointless.

How does

select the content of the blog

personal blog is the most difficult problem is the choice of content, I think most of the webmaster or expert blogger is not an industry of it, so choose some very professional content, but did not speak heavy.

I’m not professional. What should I do? Then choose the content theme of the popular type, but the content should be novel. At least let others make a impression in your mind after you have browsed through your blog. What seven hand, eight hand, and even dozens of hands on the Internet, you do not want to copy it.

, you can choose a hot topic and write your own opinions. You can quote something to enrich your content. The most important thing is to have your own flavor. For example: set interest (http://s.jeequ.com), this is my blog, I chose something interesting, although the content is not what is very special, but if you often browse words, can let you feel this is an entertainment place.

can’t stick to it, so don’t write blog

why do you want to say that? Blog is like a novel, like some novels, there will be updates, visitors, visitors will flow. A novel must have an ending, but a complete one. Blog to be able to adhere to, is alive.

often sees blogs, and when they publish several articles in 2003, they have never published them. If he had been holding on to it at that time, would he have been a member of the famous blog by 2009,


therefore, personal blogs need to choose the right subjects and need more persistence.

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