Stationmaster pays more attention to individual credit just can go long range

in real life, a person who has no credit is not likely to gain the trust of others. He who has no credit will not have many true friends. Personal credit in real life is very important, on the Internet personal credit and how important? The personal credit in the network world is also very important, personal webmaster dealing with others on the Internet to build their own network in the world of credit, personal credit standing long trust and integrity long the accumulation of time on the Internet.

although I have no contact with the network for a long time, but I already know that some people have a good reputation on the network, I think this and personal credit on the Internet has a direct relationship. The Internet has seen some things about Wang, who worked with people to make payments Union, but not too long, the partners disappeared, but the king himself or to pay the commission. Wang also helped a lot of small and medium-sized personal adsense. When the king of the network launched what activities on the network, support a lot of people, and Wang’s credit and popularity is absolutely a key factor.

There are no cheaters on the

network, and I’ve been cheated. That is to buy an account, and the other on a good price 150 yuan, with Alipay instant payment transaction, I first pay 75 yuan, to verify each other’s account and then pay the other half. Who knows that guy received the money, said the computer failure to restart, let me wait. I realized at once that the other party might be a liar and, as expected, the guy was a real liar. I have used Alipay’s instant transaction, this is the first time encountered a liar. But the loss is not great, complaints to Alipay, Alipay, freeze the cheat Alipay account, a few days later I entered Alipay found the balance of dozens of yuan, is the source of the Alipay company in.

personal webmaster need to pay attention to, if you promised to help others do something, you must help others. If you promise someone else has not done it, be sure to give the other person a clear explanation and explain the reason to the other person. Sometimes we may be cheated by others, but we must not deceive others because of being cheated. If a person pays attention to the credit, speaks the credit, will have many friends slowly, the friend is many, the front road will also be broad, will have the very big help to own long-term development.

finally quotes the famous saying, "you can fool everyone at some time, or you can fool someone at all times, but you can’t fool all people all the time."".

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