The clothing shop to engage in promotional activities

now is the year, there are many store discounts, while for many clothing store operators, to seize the opportunity, make in this special special mark to make a fortune, how do? Xiaobian a look!

two, let more customers into the store

one can’t make bricks without straw, the flow of people is the premise of store sales success, no people have no sales opportunities. How to attract customers into the store has become another important consideration in the planning of promotional activities. To send, to smoke, this type of activity is one of the methods of gathering popularity to attract customers, is in want of perfection are the activities to attract target customers, really want to buy customers do not have to come to your activities, but some cheap crowd stampede in store promotion is, but to popularity free, can help you achieve this point. Different and promotional activities, to attract customers into the store, another approach is to strengthen personnel training and incentives for interception, distributed DM single page Pro promote enough staff, so that they not only have the ability and willingness to take the initiative to the customer and caught the shop, is no longer a day how much money the temporary promotion fee, but grab a temporary promotion customers into the store to give him much money reward.

three, let the customer into the store for everyone to buy

The biggest difference

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