From the tea portal network was Baidu K station now again included mention

Since 2007 February

tea portal website, through continuous efforts, in the Baidu ranking is very good, the best keywords in the industry like tea, tea, tea and so on, the long row on the first page, it is also the ten thousand or twenty thousand peak period are included in more than 30000 pages. In February of this year, because of the server’s room is always under attack, the site often can not open, in March 15th, Baidu site for the K station, leaving only the home page of two. Although the main keywords rank still, but the traffic of the whole website drops very much. The renewal of the home page is not so timely, every five trigeminal once the update, Baidu spider is so hard-working, webmaster all day eating at ease with profound respect and humility.

A lot of methods

search on the Internet, do a lot of trial in August 15th, finally come to a successful issue, repair was immortal, Baidu finally collected from the new site, which included more than 13000 papers to restore. I am here to share with you, I hope to attract people, the same problem encountered webmaster help.

first, met by Baidu K station, to find out the reason. Because the keyword density is too high, the chain too much, the website structure, server instability, and so on. Only by finding out why can we prescribe the right remedy. Just as we were standing up because of server instability, we changed a server a week after K. For a server, from the analysis of the log, Baidu spider came more and more diligent, from one day to Laiyier times every hour after a month to. I am much more calm. If it is due to the disadvantages of overlapping keywords, the chain is too much, the site has been changed, we must adjust in time. Believe, Baidu will recover slowly.

second, content is king. The website wants to update content in time, with originality give priority to. Since the K, looking for a number of reasons, which found that the content should be based on originality. Before, we stand a lot of content, is a simple copy paste, originality is not strong. Encounter this matter, as far as possible to achieve the original, at least to do pseudo original. We update at least twenty original content every day. Because our website has done so for a long time, it has far-reaching influence in the industry. These articles have been reprinted in large numbers. Some even with the site of the site, to later re included greatly help. There are too many garbage stations, and if you don’t have the advantage of some content, the website will not be strong enough.

third, site link. By Baidu K station, some of the high PR site links have been removed, wall down push, we are afraid of being implicated, but also understandable. At this time, the webmaster accumulation of resources play a key role. Tea portal network, because before are very kind to some new sites, help many webmaster bigger and stronger, and now there are many reached the PR345 webmaster, and all the webmaster is buddy. And you explain, explain the reasons for being K, some more iron webmaster or help chain. There’s another man who specializes in high weights

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