Site operations necessary plug in code you use a few

webmaster statistics

X, put this on the word count, right?


each webmaster must, of course, should be placed in the first one, do not have to do not know, one can also use, deep use is really powerful!


CNZZ webmaster statistics

domestic most professional statistical tools, technology, powerful, not much to say, we have used.

Baidu webmaster statistics

Baidu own home out of good things, in addition to commonly used functions, is conducive to their website optimization.

sharing tool

sharing tool refers to the "share to" button in the web page, which can be shared with SNS platforms such as micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, and everyone. The webmaster only needs to generate relevant code online and can be directly embedded into the website, and more traffic and exposure can be obtained through user sharing.


now uses a wide range of Baidu share, Jiathis, bShare three. Baidu share and Jiathis are recommended:

Baidu share

in 2011, Baidu launched Baidu share, the current large amount of users, loading speed is good.

in addition to sharing tools with ordinary no difference, the most attractive Adsense use Baidu share than Baidu search results share of the show.

official website:

Jiathis share

Jiathis may be the country’s first sharing tool, the amount of users is also very large, although not Baidu search results share the number, but it can keep up with the trend, in share button, share to "WeChat"". This distain Baidu, WeChat did not fire was very influential, WeChat share button.

official website:

article smart recommended

article intelligent recommendation is to recommend relevant or user interested articles when the user accesses the web page, and this function only needs to generate a single line of code. According to Xiao Bian learned that, at present there are mainly "find", "friends recommend", "Le know", "Baidu" (I X, you come again) and so on.


domestic first, most users, relatively mature plug-ins.

official website:

security detection

website is invaded, god horse is very common, suggest CMS site friends to often detect, is so-called measurement more healthy. At present the most widely used is the 360 security check, >

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