Red stone how to transform network company to provide service for enterprise

through the years to some large and small business website in the process of red stone gradually realized in the traditional marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises, because of small scale, financial strength is relatively weak, although the technology is good, high quality of products, but because of marketing channel is not smooth, and the factors of customer communication difficulties, make the existence of all kinds of problems in the marketing process, missed a lot of opportunities.

with the fiery development of e-commerce, many small and medium-sized enterprises began to pay attention to network marketing. Network marketing as a unique marketing model has been gradually concerned, it is established on the basis of the Internet as a marketing tool, certain characteristics by means of the Internet marketing target, is an important part of the overall marketing strategy of the enterprise, its essence is a kind of marketing activities of the Internet as a marketing tool and means of sales.

but many enterprises in the development of network marketing, due to professional differences, personnel selection, capital investment, performance evaluation and other issues, in their own operations will inevitably feel powerless. So, a lot of enterprises for the rate of return on investment, tend to enterprises, brand promotion and marketing outsourcing to network marketing strength, professional basic good network marketing service provider.

in a red stone enterprise operating in an enterprise, Mr. Wang said, our main energy enterprises in product development, production and sales of the traditional, but the operation of electronic commerce this one is not familiar with much less professional, if they do, it is difficult to say that there are big gains in electronic commerce. If you invest a small sum of money, set up a new network marketing department, purchase a batch of office supplies, recruit a group of professionals, the cost is relatively large, there are still some risks. For our small economic strength of the small company, it is unrealistic. Today, the company outsourcing network marketing services to a professional network marketing service company (such as red stone) operation, both easy and cost saving, but also achieved considerable economic benefits. Most importantly, the Internet marketing outsourcing enables us to concentrate on the best aspects of the enterprise, and focus more on the core competitiveness of enterprises.

according to the red stone in recent years by some enterprises to provide network services in the process of understanding, now many domestic large and small Internet companies combined with the trend of network and enterprise, some enterprises gradually to provide network marketing, network marketing, search engine marketing, event marketing, planning the implementation of a series of public relations crisis the network of public relations media integrated marketing, planning, execution and expert services.

red stone believes that due to the fierce competition of enterprises in e-commerce in recent years, it can be foreseen that outsourcing of enterprise network marketing will become a trend. As for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is very important to choose an excellent network marketing service provider in the great environment of network marketing service providers. If the choice fails, it will cause losses to the enterprise. Therefore, when choosing an Internet marketing service provider, you should compare and compare

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