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Internet is changing the choice of a few people, I think the most direct is IT and financial practitioners. I am an example of the IT field, I resigned from Beijing, returned home, still able to engage in the IT industry. As long as there is a network of places, I seem to be able to survive, because I make money basically rely on the Internet, there is no direct relationship with the line. The development of mobile Internet is to let the elite IT practitioners find their own control time and rest freedom.

well, just share so much, if there is a different understanding, welcome to communicate, my blog boke01/

four. For some big Taobao sales shop will do Tao guest promotion, like Korean homes, according to seven princess sales in Taobao is very large, so how could they do stand outside promotion performance.

Recall that the domestic

when the "technology + product" programmers awakening society dimensionality reduction reached in other industries, that is "I destroy you, you have nothing to do with the rhythm, other industry personnel cannot withstand a single blow is overwhelming, iq. Programmers need to start their own business, please first add product knowledge. Because the most forced CEO, must be the product manager of the cow. This era of programmers out of the fate of overtime, to see if you do not understand their salvation.

two. sh419 often inexplicably K Taobao guest site. We all know that Taobao is a single page standing off to do a product, do the long tail word of this product with SEO way, specifically to optimize the long tail word is relatively easy to go up, this is also the essence of Taobao customers, but are often found in casual station is K, to have a long time to restore, to Amoy single page station, this site is useless.

love the rural people into the city, away from the home to the picturesque scenery, city dwelling, into the slums, into the subway, for what? Is the city have more opportunities and choices. This is KK’s "what technology wants", which is written in this book.

more and more people to do Wangzhuan Taobao, because Taobao does not need to launch passenger source, then can get a commission, but I was not optimistic about Taobao, Taobao will die off in my opinion. Today I will share with you my understanding of Taobao.

three. Taobao won’t have repeat customers. Online shopping people first will not believe Internet products, they are generally in the first purchase of a small amount of product, if the trial is good, second can buy in large quantities, such as the first 100 yuan to buy the product, he got used well, the second will buy a few thousand dollars. But this process is only the first time to enter the business shopping by Taobao customers, second and in subsequent purchases are purchased by the first record store, and business profits up to 30% on average, these profits can fall Amoy hand? Everyone as can be imagined.

this era, the mobile Internet era allows programmers to connect to the network at any time, as if to give you a vast sky. And if the technical personnel have product ideas, then you plug into the wings of cattle, the vast sky allows you to fly. Many programmers do not have any good ideas, just because the product is almost idiotic. If you can jump out of the programmer’s thinking, accept the baptism of product thinking, programmers future is not just code farmers. They will subvert many industries, because programmers are the most understanding of the mobile Internet, their technical ability to estimate other traditional industry elite, can not learn forever.

rich list, you know inside the top ten, Ma Ma Huateng Robin Li et al in the column, it is likely Zhou Hongyi, Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong, they are engaged in the Internet industry, and most of them are relatively strong technical ability. For example, Robin Li is a search engine, legend is ranked the world’s third master. Lei Jun not to mention, early in the famous, Kingsoft software. Cardinal also is such, in those days is "rascal software Godfather". Say these, just want to say, the most cattle CEO basic product origin, and most of the products are technical origin. Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, red cardinal are bovine product manager.

technical personnel need to change their views on the product manager. Programmers do not see the product manager on the Tucao, all want to hit it. This is my obsession with technology, and I see that the product manager is in a bad mood. Later, they changed and learned a lot from them. When you look at the world with the eyes of the product manager, you know that there are many things that need to be improved and saved. And opportunities are where the pain is. Programmers and technical personnel have their own understanding of the advantages of technology, better grasp and familiar with the development trend of science and technology.

one. The important criterion for judging a website is PV. PV is this your site more popular, but Taobao guest website is a single page station, and when the user clicks on the product after the jump directly to the Taobao seller store, PV is 1, this website is not there for a long time, and in the same industry, only those with high PV value, high degree of experience website before long in the front row, so Taobao passenger income is not stable.

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