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understands the value of the virtual world and how to make use of the benefits of the virtual world as little as possible, requiring people in the Internet to think for themselves. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. People who recognize the virtual world have the opportunity to build a virtual world. The benefits of such a prize are enormous, because the creation of the virtual world means the completion of the Internet revolution, and the value of the virtual world is beyond doubt

in the first two articles "what kind of website in the future the most profitable Continued", referred to the electronic commerce laboratory of commercial business prospects for the future, but if the future of the Internet is only e-commerce, so greatly underestimated the value of the internet.


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we now study very little about the impact of the virtual world. These are sociological issues, but people with sociological competence are unlikely to be interested in the internet. But since the emerging form of the virtual world will evolve, cover or deny it is useless. Like teenagers, indulging in Internet problems is an image. The reason behind this is the lack of awareness of the virtual world, not to mention the profound implications of the virtual world. Most people even deny the value of the virtual world.

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in human history, someone called the Internet revolution "the third revolution", and the first two were Gutenberg’s movable type printing and the industrial revolution. Historically, Gutenberg’s books, the railways in the industrial revolution brought transport capacity, and the status of the Internet’s e-commerce was the same. However, long-distance travel books, and e-commerce is the original world way of life extension, the real revolutionary change is not the books, long-distance travel and e-commerce itself, but from the changes in people’s psychology. Gutenberg’s revolution is people through books broke through the bondage of thought, making breakthrough religious restrictions and restraints, railway shortens people’s psychological distance is brought about by the western countries and the real one, the Internet brings us psychological breakthrough is what

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for the first time in history, human beings have been able to break through the physical bondage and live in a world of possibilities. This is actually one of the most primitive desires of human beings, and all human pursuits can be satisfied in this virtual world. It’s no wonder that many people are addicted to online games. Online games and even private games are very profitable, and they are also an open secret.

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in the 03 year of commercial business Laboratory to realize the network game is a different thing, because commercial Entrepreneurship Lab found that the Internet can produce valuable things such as virtual equipment. At that time, I think online games will bring us a different world. Now I’m sure it’s right. Online games are just the tip of the iceberg. Online games represent a possibility, which signals the emergence of a virtual world.

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