Shared bike orders burst bicycle manufacturers retailers of bicycles have been hit hardDays earn h

Shenzhen is relatively concentrated bicycle enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region, the peak size of the bicycle enterprises reached more than 20, in recent years due to the sluggish market, currently only seven or eight, but the share of the fire bike again to activate the market.



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The general manager of

Su Zhida, as soon as he finished his annual leave, immediately went into the intense work of the sudden sharing of 30 thousand bike orders, leaving him in charge of the job shop to catch up on orders.

Shenzhen sinbao Bicycle Co., Liu Dewu: by the end of 1999 we do spend scooter bicycle industry is crazy, a lot of home, we are doing, we are the industry a crazy, not only our family, every month to do hundreds of thousands, second crazy is sharing a bike, we now feel that may be just as crazy as scooter.

! !

Su Zhida director of the workshop

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shared orders such as tide of traditional bicycle bicycle manufacturers too busy to attend to all

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reporter: how much is it,

Shenzhen sinbao Bicycle Co. Ltd.: now is the most busy time, than last year in 2016 last year is very busy, idle, after the year after the order suddenly grew up later, have to work overtime every night, until half past eight to nine o’clock every day.


CCTV finance WeChat March 2nd news, recently, the bicycle industry are ignorant circle. Bike sharing suddenly enter the city, a bicycle production orders "wind" ferocious. Some say it’s like a flood. The weak bike market is shared with cycling, which fires instantly. But how long will this wind blow,

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Liu Dewu is the general manager of the bicycle factory, last year he was still the bicycle market downturn worry, before the Spring Festival this year, suddenly received tens of thousands of single orders, it makes him a bit at a loss, was both excited and nervous, this is his twenty year career experience second times crazy".

Hu Zefeng, general manager of Shenzhen Rex Bicycle Co., Ltd.: orders received are 1 million 500 thousand vehicles.

yesterday March 1st, shared bicycle enterprise ofo announced the completion of $450 million D round of financing, and in the last week, v-mobile bicycle also announced the acquisition of Foxconn’s strategic investment, Foxconn will open the v-mobile bicycle production line. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 billion investment funds in the field of bicycle sharing, and the influx of capital has also activated the production line of traditional bicycle enterprises.

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in bicycle industry veteran of more than 20 years of Hu Zefeng, in recent months, busy, his factory before the market downturn and the rapid expansion of the contraction capacity.


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