Do Wangzhuan three types of high incomeTaobao alliance upgrades CPC business according to stationma

example of putting in templates:



template one

this system upgrades, the webmaster does not need to change the code, Taobao will according to the website’s flow quality and type, put the appropriate content. Taobao said that the upgrade will not have too much impact on the webmaster’s benefit, the webmaster only need to pay attention to their own benefits can be. And for advertisers, non Taobao dispensers, you can choose our CPT for promotion; for Taobao dispensers, in addition to choose CPT promotion, you can also choose through the car business. CPC as the most common and most important way of pricing online advertising, Taobao has always been an important component of the advertising business, the upgrade, the specific content of what changes have yet to be further understood.

MSN launch screenshot


second is the technology, has just built a new station, one or two months to put the popular keywords in sh419’s ranking of the first page, you can not earn money, I have to do a friend taobao summer home for two months, but he still has a lot of websites were doing a different keyword. Do the hotel distribution Wangzhuan project, you can easily enter the sh419 in a city hotel reservations, hotel reservations such as Qingdao sh419 home light do several for promotion, whether we lose what city will have, we know that many of the auction industry in sh419, competition is more powerful. We said today the hotel distribution system is booking a room we will get 25 yuan commission each on our website, if we need to travel to these people do optimization will have a good income. My friend is "Qingdao Hotel" "Dongying Hotel", search over IP is more accurate, if you still do not understand the rules of the hotel, I can refer to the http://s.guangtaoke/hotel/ click the upper right corner of the net to the alliance themselves familiar with it.

in the world there are 28 rules, 80% of the money is always in the hands of 20% people, so it should be >

Sina screenshot screenshot

NetEase screenshot screenshot

the first type is the base type and has a very high weight website. For example, on the hao123 with Taobao guest code, you see how much of his traffic can earn a day, we see the week list is all personal webmaster?. So if you have a website with a higher weight, it’s easy to promote. I’ve been keeping a few blogs now. I know which day will definitely work.

big media release screenshot


now from the Internet want to earn more and more money, but the failure is not in the minority, they have a common place, is blindly follow the trend, did not concentrate on doing, or promotion is not the right way. Today saw this project can earn ten thousand yuan, today will do this, tomorrow will not feel, and change for another. In fact, every project, like Taobao, has a monthly income of 10000 yuan, some people can not earn money for a few months, why?. People with monthly income of 10000 yuan, we divide them into three kinds, they all have the same place, that is, seriously.



station network December 8th news: today, Taobao Alliance announced that the Taobao alliance business development needs, will be upgraded to CPC advertising system, the original system will be on Friday December 10th to stop using the original CPC service entrance will be closed, the new system has entered the testing phase, such as MSN, NetEase, Sina other media have been trying, the effect is good.


third is the mentality of, avoid the peak period, avoid competition, we know that weight loss drug Commission is very high, but there are no other profits, very good?. Some people say that a man should know network advertisement, advertising is like VANCL made, tremendous to do! We say today by advertising for goods. We watch television, breaks what TV shopping, what health cup shaped ring, what shoes, said so nice, some find what the star to speak, I believe many people will believe, otherwise he would not waste every day on television advertising, this commodity exposure rate is high high commission. We can choose such a commodity for promotion.

template three

template two

Sohu screenshot screenshot

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